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Crime Scene Clean Up Cleveland

In the history of cleaning up crime scenes in Cleveland, we are the most thought of in respect to being around for a long time. As the leader of many services throughout the State of Ohio our Cleveland office provides help to thousands of families in this part of Ohio looking for Crime Scene Cleanup Cleveland. We are grateful for being a part of the community and as seen in recent Televised News reports we only offer Certified Crime Scene Cleanup in Cleveland.

Cleveland Ohio has roughly 393,700 people who live and work in our wonderful city. As a family owned business we are proud to be a part of the Cleveland landscape and a member of the community, helping our friends and family in need. Established over 6 years ago as Crime Scene Cleanup Cleveland, our family has help many other people living in the area when they have had a accident, tragedy, or misfortune of death. Whenever a death happens many people do not know what to do or who to call, they panic and sometimes think they are left to clean up the blood from the death on their own. This is not the case, we are here to help, and with advance training and better equipment and chemicals we are able to do a much better job too. Our family of crime scene cleaners, have a no nonsense approach and are well known for being one of the only true to form 24 hour crime scene cleanup business in the Cleveland Ohio area.

When you contact us you will always be greeted with friendly people, and you will always have your situation treated as if it was someone in our own family. The compassion we feel for our customers is what sets us to provide the highest standards and always providing you with certified crime scene cleaning. We are often asked if we can help with cleaning up blood not related to a death. The fact is the vast majority of the cleaning we provide is for natural death or what is sometimes labelled as a unattended death cleanup in Cleveland, or a suicide clean up in the Cleveland area. Although we are often contact by organizations like the Cleveland Police to assist with cleaning up actual real life crime scenes, we are here to assist with any environment adversely affected by a death. So to answer the question more directly, if you have a need for a death cleanup and live in Cleveland Ohio or a surrounding community, then we can help with anything regarding your needs for Crime Scene Clean Up Cleveland.

What is the cost of hiring crime scene cleanup Cleveland?

Costs are important to any family and we fully understand this and try to assist in a number of different ways. We feel it is best to gauge the situation and that requires you calling us and helping us understand what happened. We have a long history of doing a lot of blood clean up work in Cleveland and can take from your conversation and good understanding of what will be involved on our part as far as cleaning and decontamination is concerned. That being said, we have a tradition in our company to try to offset the expenses of cleaning up a crime scene or a death clean up by helping work with any insurance the property may of had on it. We understand how insurance plans work and have a great success rate of dealing with adjusters and helping them understand why profession crime scene clean up was a necessity, something any family dealing with a tragedy such as a suicide or unattended death can agree, the trauma of the scene itself is usually too much for someone close to the family member who died; could possibly be expected to deal with on their own.

Are any health concerns involved in blood clean up in Cleveland?

Yes, when hiring crime scene cleanup Cleveland you are mostly doing this to alleviate many of these health concerns. Blood is our lifeline, but just as it nourishes life for us in death it becomes a great ecosphere of bacteria and viruses that can reap havoc on healthy people around it. We don't want this to happen, and so we work with a lot of safety protocols to ensure that our cleaners are safe from these diseases and super bugs like MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis C. Just as it is important to make sure the crime scene cleaning is done with safety suits and gloves and specialized equipment, it is just as important for us to leave the death clean up in a manner in which it is safe for your family to return to the home to collect belonging of the deceased or to live in the home if there are still family members who call the crime scene or death scene their place of residence.

Can we deal with major blood splatter and blood damage?

Yes, as we mention above, "crime scene clean up Cleveland" has been around for hundreds of clean up's and we know what we are doing. When it comes to small jobs, by all means call us we can still help. However we are specialist in dealing with suicide clean up in Cleveland where we are dealing with large amount of blood splatter and brain manner which needs to be addressed and cleaned properly. We also have dealt with unattended death clean up in Cleveland where the dead body lied unattended for up to 2 months causing major deterioration of the corpse which cause decomposed body tissue, blood, and other human body fluids to congeal and cause major damage to a property, including but not limited too the need for odor elimination.

Do we deal with anything else beside death and blood cleanup in Cleveland?

We sure do, we basically deal with any environmental cleaning that needs to be done. So this means if you have a sewage back up that needs cleaned because your home has raw sewage in it, we are who you call. When dealing with a septic tank back up that needs cleaned, we employ many of the same cleaning techniques we have to use for blood. We also are well known in the area for helping people with hoarding clean up in Cleveland and meth lab clean up. With a hoarding job we have seen many different levels. Some include the need for human feces to be cleaned, and others dealing with animal hoarding cleaning. Whatever the severity of the hoarding, we usually know how to do the clean up. Another job we are often hired for is tear gas clean up in Cleveland, Ohio. Tear gas is a very tricky substance, and it literally goes in every nook and cranny of a living space. Having done hundreds of tear gas clean up or certified and trained crime scene cleaning professionals will know how to tackle this kind of job too.

What should be our next step if we want to work with Crime Scene Cleanup Cleveland?

Well we are pleased you read this far and are interested in working with our family. We need to get a better idea of what type of clean up you may need and find go over some of your questions by phone. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day and so it would be best for us to have you call us and let us know what happened. You will be greeted by very knowledgeable staff who are concerned for your welfare and want to help you get the blood cleaned up and your home back to a safe and livable condition.


I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

John Smith
Business Consultant

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